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Sirumalai hill near Dindigul, TN

We had a stopover at Dindigul and I was looking for places to explore nearby. Sirumalai came to my attention and decided to check it out. Sirumalai is a small hill at about 30 kms from Dindigul town in TN. We went there early in the morning- at about 6 AM, without any clue as to what to expect.
 Dindigul town from Sirumalai hills

We drove around randomly, looking for places of interest. We also asked few locals if there is anything worth seeing. We were told there is a pond and a few temples, nothing else.

As such following were the plus points of driving to Sirumalai forest
  1. We could see several horses gazing freely. But couldn’t go close to them- unlike cows horses do not prefer to get petted by random people- they slowly turn their back towards you with an intention to kick you hard if you come any closer- so we had to stay away.
  2. Weather on top of Sirumalai was brilliant- cool weather, mist around and clouds below.
  3. Spotted dozens of small size birds- so bird lovers can consider camping here for a day.
  4. There are a few resorts on top of Sirumalai hills-spending a night here might be better experience than staying in Dindigul town. Staying there you might be able to explore more, with inputs from property owner.
  5. There was a watch tower from where we got good view of Dindigul town. On top there were no other designated viewpoints- all potential viewpoint spots are private properties. We managed to enter one and click some pictures
  6. Driving to Sirumalai and down was fun- about 18 hairpin bends were welcome respite from otherwise highway driving (restricted at 100kmph)
  7. Reportedly there was a pond and some temples, but due to lack of adequate information and time, we drove back after spending about an hour uphlll
  8. Bus service is available to Sirumalai from Dindigul
  9. Lots of Cardamon and other plantations could be seen.
  10. Didn’t have to pay any entry fee etc. So it was good.
Don’t go by Google maps blindly- check the roads and study the map properly before heading to Sirumalai. Right direction in below map.
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  1. Yes, this is not at all known among people who otherwise visit Yercaud, Kolli hills etc


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