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Active again on Instagram- follow me at enidhi

About one year ago, I created an account in Instagram, uploaded a few pics and eventually stopped using it. My reasons to stop spending time on Instagram were as below
  • Instagram doesn’t allow posting from desktop. From mobile is the only way to post pics. Back then Nikon and GoPro were my primary cameras and all best pics worth sharing were taken in these. Mobile was only a backup camera. Copying the pics to mobile first and then uploading to Instagram was a hassle
  • I felt Instagram is a duplicate effort, as I could post pictures in facebook or twitter itself, instead of having to maintain another app and account. Almost all friends were on FB, so I felt it will be duplicate content to same people
About one year later, Instagram has sustained as a platform for pic sharing and is gaining popularity. This week after much deliberation, I decided to embrace this platform again.
  • Now my mobile camera is pretty decent and I have clicked lots of pics in mobile itself in past few months.
  • When I write a blog post on a topic with relevant photos, it takes min 30-60 minutes of effort. I cannot publish too many posts a day. On Instagram I can share a picture in a minute or two and keep my followers engaged.
  • I hope to reach a new set of audience on instagram besides my regular friends
With this idea, I have got back on Instagram. As usual my id will be enidhi. I am not a big fan of artificial image editing tools offered in Instagram- most likely to post my pictures as is, without any editing. Do follow me there for constant feed of my travel pictures. Have got about 75 followers as of now- most of them earned yesterday.

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