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Yatri Nivas Trichy- your best stay option

Last week, after our Bali trip was cancelled, I rented a car and hit the road with family-plan was to visit major attractions in South India- mostly temple over next few days. We made a rough mental plan as to where all to go, but didn’t make any hotel reservations. We left from Chennai on 5th evening and after an overnight driving, we reached Tiruchirapalli on 6th early morning. Though our destination was Rameshwaram, we decided to stop and Tiruchirapalli and proceed after refreshing.

As I took turn for entering Srirangam, spotted Yatri Nivas board and decided to head there first. After a little bit of circling the town we entered Yatri Nivas and its majestic building greeted us. Parked the car and went to reception- I was pleased to know their ultra-low fare rentals- just about Rs 100 per person per day for dormitory accommodation. We were 5 of us- 8 bed dorm was not available- we rented 10 bed Dorm at Rs 1000 per day (24 hour). The rooms were super clean, bathrooms were nice and well equipped with geyser and in house restaurant was great too. Of all the budget hotels we stayed during this trip and others, Yatri Nivas experience has been highly memorable.

Interior is not as posh as exterior, but decent, hygienic and good value for money
We took a 10 bed dorm, which came with 2 bathrooms and toilets. There were no bedsheets- We learnt later that bedsheets will be provided on demand. No room service, no accessories such as soap, shampoo etc. Our original idea was to check out by 12 and head to Rameshwaram, but since the rooms were nice, we made some alterations in the plan- we went to Tanjavur from Trichy and came back (60 kms one way), spent night at Trichy and left for Rameshwaram next day early morning. While checking out we had to get sign from room supervisor that everything is fine. Got a receipt with temple hologram with it.

Yatri Nivas Trichy rentals:
8 bed dorm- Rs 800 per day
10 bed dorm- Rs 1000 per day
4 bed AC cottage- Rs 1750 per day
Few more such options are available

Here’re unique reasons why we liked Yatri Nivas
  • Very affordable rates (Rs 100 per person per day onwards) that no hotels can match. (If you thought Rs 999 Oyo rooms are cheap, check Yatri Nivas)- but you can't rent one bed- need to rent a room in full.
  • 24 hour format- no need to check out at 12 noon. 6 AM today to 6 AM tomorrow is 1 day rental
  • Impeccably maintained campus- very clean, spacious and feels like a resort
  • In house high quality veg restaurant, opens as early as 5.30 AM (tea coffee only)
  • Clean spacious rooms
  • Lots of parking space and conveniently located.
Don't get fooled by other websites with Yatri nivas in their URL. Official website seem to have changed. Exercise caution.


  1. Oh perfect timing. I am planning for a trip to Trichy this year end. Unfortunately i did booking already else would have opted for this. Waiting to read about your experience in upcoming posts.

  2. Srirangam is Amma's constituency :)


  3. Shrinidhi, I booked Yatri Nivas for my upcoming darshan at Srirangam. Decision was based on your blog. Looking forward to the stay. Will update after I return back. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  4. Sure Vasantha. Wish you a pleasant stay.

  5. Online Booking yathri Nivas there is no provision ? If so the site should say it
    Clearly. It can show accomodation availabilty. It appears fishy.


  6. No online booking facility is available in their web site. Please guide me. my email id is sekarlalitha1956@yahoo.co.in or 9444123868


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