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Bergen Must visit-Mount Floyen-city view, greenery and more!

Mount Floyen is a hill adjacent to heart of Bergen city. Floyen is not as high as Mount Ulriken, but is vast in area, cheaper to climb and closer to city. So it gets more crowd.

On my Day 1 in Bergen, after checking into Piano Hostel at about 11.30 noon, I headed out- first in search of an Indian restaurant. I found two of them, but one would open only at 1 PM and other even late (Read: Indian restaurants in Europe with odd timings). Instead of waiting, I decided to move on with hungry stomach. After exploring the Bergen Havn area (separate post coming up), I saw a long queue. I didn’t know what it is, but I could see the mountain top nearby. Figured out that this queue should be of some interest and stood in line. Asked person behind me if this queue is to go to top of the hill. He said yes. As the line moved ahead I got better idea of what is ahead. The queue was for a ticket counter that would sell tickets to go to top of Mount Floyen. The transportation is called Floibanen Funicular (similar to Funicular to go to Niesen peak but much shorter in distance)
Round trip ticket costs NOK 85 and one way ticket costs NOK 43- just one NOK (Rs 10 approx) savings in round trip.  I contemplated if I should really buy a return ticket or buy one way and figure out some other way to come down.

At the counter I made up my mind and asked for one way ticket. The lady said “Are you sure? It is a very long walk back (about 4km I guess)”. I asked if there is a counter or machine on top from where I can buy a ticket if needed. She said yes. Then I decided to stick to one way ticket, got it and proceeded to the train. After about 10 min wait my turn came and we went up in about 8 minute ride- it was possible to get scenic view of Bergen as we went up.

Once on top I had to figure out what to do. The view was nice- I clicked enough pics of Bergen town below. 

Views from top of Mount Floyen, Bergen, Norway

Then walked by the Restaurant on to a walking trail. It started raining a bit. I reached a small lake (Called Skomakerdiket on the map) on the top adjacent to which few families were fishing and having barbecue. A lady was stacking the row boats. I walked around the lake. Using map I tried to figure out if I can go to Mount Ulriken from here. I couldn’t see a clear trail and distance also looked a lot, so dropped the idea.
Then I stopped by at a map to figure out what to do next. If you have time and energy, there are lots and lots of walking trail all around the mountain. There are lots of prestine lakes, view points, jogging trails on top of Mount Floyen. So one can easily spend a day with nature here. I was feeling hungry and I had to carry the bag with me because of small size lockers in Piano Hostel. Weather was also not that favorable, so after sometime I had to go back.
Saw these life sized structures- many of them. Do not know what they represent. It formed a nice play area for children.

I wanted to go back by foot, but due to light rain decided to stick to the funicular. Bought another ticket from the vending machine and headed down.


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