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Kutladampatti Waterfalls near Dindigul

I wanted to go to Sirumalai forest from Madurai, but realized that it is easier to reach Sirumalai from Dindigul than from Madurai. So changed plans to stop by at Kutladampatti waterfalls.

Kutladampatti was a small waterfalls about a km away from the road, with dozens of local guys taking bath under it with minimalist clothings. 40 Rupee parking was collected from us. Some photos of the falls below:

Drive to the falls took us up close with Sirumalai forest & hills

Don’t recommend going all the way just for this falls, but if you are passing by Dindigul/Madurai area and have an hour or two to spare, then a diversion towards the fall will be a good break in your journey. There is a handpump that can be used to get some drinking water. Otherwise no other facilities exist.


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