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Ford Figo South India Photoshoot!

Earlier during my roadtrip I used to spend considerable time clicking the car in various angles. But during many of my rentals this year I didn't bother much about photoshoot- either because cars didn't have anything unique or the locations were not photogenic.

But during the recent South India road trip, some locations were scenic enough and I thought of trying some car pictures again, even though the car was everyday Ford Figo. Thus this post shares some photos of the car clicked in South India

At the road that leads to Kodandarama Temple, Dhanushkodi- visiting this temple was an ad-hoc decision.. The long road to the temple with water on all sides makes an extremely scenic location for photoshoot. Traffic was not much- could get empty road by waiting for a few minutes. Despite resistance from my passengers, I turned to this road second time while returning from Dhanushkodi.

First I took lots of photos from various angles to my heart's content...

Notice severe loss of colours in above 2 GoPro pictures- a major limitation of the action camera

Then I got the idea that I can park the car cutting across the road for a different pose- but in this position I couldn't leave the car and go click myself, because of occasional traffic that would come in. So I asked my co-passengers to click.

But first few pictures were not satisfactory to me- so had to ask them to click again, this time from as high as possible, so that the road behind also comes in the frame. So below picture is my most favorite of the lot, clicked by my cousin using Intex Aqua Ace

Except the Kodandarama temple road, rest of the locations were pretty normal, so photos are not that unique. Some more figo pictures- in the ghats of Sirumalai, with Carzonrent Umbrella

 Near a newly built bridge in Trichy

Near Villondi Theertham
2 last ones- the first pic below gives a feeling of reddish colour for the orange Figo. Carzonrent forgot to put their logo on the doors of this Figo, so they lost some potential free publicity.
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  1. Nice!
    I've noticed how you much attention the skies and the surroundings in your car photo shoots. I remember a time you did it for a bike too. :)

  2. Thanks Rupam and DN

    Yes, I did for bikes too, but not as much as cars

  3. Treated the car like a girlfriend, captured from all angles ;). The kondarama temple road was beautiful.


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