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Majestic Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg, Sweden

If you remember, I had published post on Queen's garden at Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg, Sweden.

This post covers the main Castle. Sofiero Castle was one of the official residences of Royal Family of Sweden. Built in 1865, the castle just has about 2 stories and probably about 15-20 rooms overall. It is not very huge by size, but is located amidst an amazingly beautiful surrounding. Named after Sophia, wife of Price Oscar.

As I bought ticket and went in, a huge green garden stood between me and the castle. Castle was appearing so small, it is difficult to get good sense of the castle unless you go inside. Entry costs SKK100, but I had a 2 day 4 attraction pass for SKK120, so I saved myself a few Swedish Kroners. (Entry ticket price and timing varies by season- refer pic at end of the post

Above: View of the Castle from entrance
Below: View of Sofiero Castle from a corner.

A stone pillar with a bird like design is erected in the garden infront of Sofiero Castle.As I went inside, the view from window was very eye catching.

Once inside, we can see various household artifacts used by the Royal family-mostly standard 20th century stuff, so nothing unusually great about them. Visitors can go from one room to another taking close look at the items, photos and brief descriptions of them.

While there was a huge open lawn in the front portion of the castle, back portion has lots of woods followed by ocean. Below two pictures show back part of Sofiero's Castle and view of the woods and sea from there.
A small restaurant operates in back portion of the castle serving coffee and snacks to the visitors. Below is the view you can enjoy while sipping your coffee.
While the castle has its uniqueness, the campus has even more attractions worth visiting. It deserves one more post. Overall, the visit to Sofiero Castle campus was totally worth it.

Address: Sofiero slott och slottsträdgård,
Sofierovägen 131: 251 89 Helsingborg
Phone: 042 - 10 25 00
Sofiero Castle is some 5 kms away from Helsingborg town. Bus No. 8 can take you to this place. If you have time and energy walk one way- route is very scenic with ocean on one side and beautiful Swedish homes on the other. On a Sunday noon, you might find lots of Swedish people relaxing by the beach. 

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