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Cleartrip activities-good timepass at nominal fees!

Before attending BNLF in Mumbai, I was totally unaware of Cleartrip activities. When I went to The Lalit, Mumbai for the meet on time, learnt that the gates are not open yet and we had to wait outside.

Outside the entrance there were 5 different clear trip activities- Segway ride, a mini golf, Harley Davidson Fatboy and a Kawasaki Superbike and a rock climbing set up. I didn’t know if Cleartrip is part of the Indiblogger event or if they are here for some other event or purpose (BNLF site had no mention that Cleartrip is a sponsor or part of it). Slowly myself, Srinidhi TG and Anant V went closer to the #KutchHatke registration desk. Was happy to learn that we can try all the activities there and for free. So instantly signed up, got my coupons. Had to sign indemnity bond for rock climbing.

First activity was segway ride- Segway is a small motorized vehicle with two adjacent wheels. You stand on it and make it move forward/left/right by shifting your body weight and the handle in desired direction. I had seen many Segways in Europe- it is very popular way of exploring a city, but hadn’t tried myself as the cost and timings didn’t suite my needs. So this was my first Segway experience. A staff explained me how it works, I took a few moments to get used to and then it was super fun. Went for short ride inside the campus and was asked to get down. After that tried a short rock climbing, posed with superbikes- just tilted the Harley a bit and staff got worried and advised me not to do so... (in fact you can rent a Harley and ride yourself to your hearts content- read this post) and played mini golf, in which I couldn’t put the ball into the hole.

The BNLF registration was still not open, so I went and asked if I can ride Segway again- staff said 'Yes' and I hopped on again. This time enjoyed another joy ride with full control throughout, making sharp turns. Total fun.

So now what is Cleartrip activities? Once back in Chennai I checked out their website and below is what I found:

What we got to try in Mumbai was just a sample. Cleartrip Activities is a list of small time pass activities you can indulge in your city. If you have half a day to spare and wondering what to do, you should definitely try cleartrip activities. In Bengaluru there are so many activities listed- 707 of them- including milking a cow in Hesaragatta, bullock cart ride, various art and culture sessions, karting, target practice with pistols and so on.  Prices start from about 100 Rs onwards.  These kind of activities are totally worth instead of wasting time watching TV or roaming in a mall or other such typical things we do when we get bored. While you might be aware of some of the activities already (say places where you can go for karting), others are very hard to find on our own (Example, do you know where you can try target practice with real guns or milk the cows in Bengaluru?) In essence cleartrip is helping several small scale entrepreneurs get some visibility and customers, as they can’t probably manage and market their activities on their own.

I was hoping to try the Segway one more time on day 2 of BNLF but they weren’t there. But I have got a Rs 1500 worth coupon now to try some real cleartrip activities. Need to try them out on my next visit to Bengaluru. Hope cleartrip adds more cities for this.

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  1. This is called climbing the blogging heights

  2. @Prasad ji, those who go up have to come down also...

  3. Thanks for the informative post. Will try out something in coming weekends.

  4. I wish these were available in Chennai :(

    Destination Infinity

  5. I believe you really enjoyed the biggest blogging event in BNLF remember my message thanks for coming and catching up, good blog on cleartip freebies...some members did appreciate clear trip particularly foreigners are impressed.

  6. @Umesh sir, thanks for your comment.

    @DI: Hopefully

  7. @Rajesh: I think it is my mistake- didn't check the site properly. They have some activities listed for Chennai also

  8. I missed Clear Trip activities as I couldn't make it on Day 1 of BNLF. I have a coupon as well from Blogadda Win, will have to find some interesting activity with ClearTrip.


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