Best of January to June 2020 from eNidhi India blog - eNidhi India Travel Blog

Best of January to June 2020 from eNidhi India blog

Half of 2020 is already history and I am sure most of us are hoping for entire 2020 to end asap. It has been a bad year worldwide, probably worst year for most of us in the entire lifetime. However I kept blogging throughout 2020 with about 84 posts published so far between January and June. This quantity is less compared to previous years but still averages 14 posts a month or one every two days. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Dharamshala, Pondy, Muscat before lockdown and then reach home town post unlock 1.0 If you've not read all of them, then this post is for you. This post is a quick list of most read and most commented blog posts from my blog between Jan and June 2020.

Most popular posts
Rented a caravan from Trippywheels for a day and had a short trip around Bengaluru in Jan 2020- my detailed experience on the same has been widely read. Do read to understand pros and cons of Caravan touring in Karantaka.

This was published in March, so a bit outdated now as Corona Virus situation has changed dramatically since then. In this post I collected updates from friends around the world as to how their life is impacted by Corona.

An assessment on what kind of IT jobs are affected by Corona and impact on IT jobs

Shares my thoughts on how travel bloggers can evolve and adapt to a post corona world.

Irrelevant now but was written when lockdown 1.0 was announced. Had predicted future course of action considering 3 possibilities.

An update based on our trip to Muscat in Feb end, 3 weeks before India went into lockdown.

7. Karnataka state library book bulk purchase- process explained- useful post for future authors for 2021 submissions.

Photos and updates on a wholesale tender coconut market in Bengaluru near Silkboard

Most commented posts
A recap of all time most memorable road trips.

A handy guide for bloggers to spend their time more optimally

I completed 14 years of blogging in 2020. This post shares recent changes in the blogging world.

Karnataka Govt flagged off a Caravan and issued press release saying state is now open to Caravan tourism. A good initiative but lots of ground work still pending-mostly functional caravan parking sites are not available anywhere.

How to respond to sensitive issues? Should we take a stand on anything and everything?

Came home to Udupi from Chennai on bike on June 10th. This post shares my experience.

Few personal favorites
Manipal's latest attraction...
Salumarada thimmakka tree park manipal collage

New highway construction has forever altered the landscape of Maravanthe beach- explained with photos

A quick analysis

In Manipal, not near Manipal..
Manipal Places to visit

Saddle bag for bikes- factors to consider, my experience etc.

Ather has changed its pricing model again- explained in detail

Detailed guide for visiting Lombok near Bali, based on my experience in November 2019

From my US trip one year ago...

A nice way to explore Pondy- ebike tours by B:live

Serviced my bike myself and saved some 700 Rs labour charge. Read my experience, tips, pros and cons of servicing our bike on our own vs at professional service centers.

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